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But equal.

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Reader's Favorite- 5 Stars for the book You're Truly One of a Kind by Sonali Patodia
"It is a brilliant story, teaching us that being different is okay."
- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reader's Favorite 
"You're Truly One of a Kind will empower children to be confident in themselves and accept others for who they are"

- Midwest Book Review

Meet Krishna and Radha

Introducing the main characters of You're Truly One of a Kind

Krishna & Radha - the main characters of You're Truly One of a Kind by Sonali Patodia


Krishna is one of the most loved Hindu deities, usually shown as having dark blue skin. He is loving, kind, brave, and has a charismatic smile. He has a really sweet tooth and he loves butter. He plays the flute, creating beautiful melodies. Most kids in India have grown up listening to tales of Krishna’s mischiefs, bravery, and benevolence.


Radha is Krishna’s closest childhood friend. It is said in Hindu mythology that Krishna and Radha are inseparable. She symbolizes strength and grace, supporting Krishna through good and bad times. Krishna is truly incomplete without Radha. 

Meet the Author - Sonali Patodia

Not born with a quill in her hand but a courageous will to take a stand,
Sonali Patodia recognizes the power of storytelling and its ability to shape young minds. She feels compelled to address deep rooted societal issues in simple yet impactful ways. Sonali has always been fascinated by cultural traditions, constantly finding creative ways to pass it along to future generations.

Through her debut book, Sonali seeks to celebrate individuality and the beauty of diversity.

She was born and raised in India, now living in California with her husband and two teenage daughters.

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Contact Sonali now to ask any of your questions about her new book, You’re Truly One of a Kind! 

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